Welcome to Paula Thomas’ Potluck

Are you ready to start 2018 laughing?

Well, I’ve got the antidote if you’re anxious: POTLUCK: Little Stories from a Big Table. It’s my new book!

I grew up in a tiny beach cottage in Seal Beach, California with six siblings, two parents and my granny from Kentucky on occasion. That’s ten people in a two-bedroom cottage. When you live like that, you have to do something to survive. In my case, telling funny stories about my idiotic antics and the poignant events that filled my life kept my friends in stitches and kept me sane.

All my life I’ve had a knack for embarrassing myself.

Like the time my husband and I were invited for cocktails at a friend’s house. The host wasn’t quite ready when we arrived, so he showed us to his bar and poured us a glass of wine, promising he and his wife would return shortly.

As we sat and sipped, I munched on some unusual-looking nuts in a dish on the counter. (In a big family, food is never in excess, so you do NOT pass-up a snack).

“These must be imported nuts,” I told my husband. “I have never seen anything like them. Maybe they are from China or Vietnam, real gourmet. They taste a little weird, but they are not totally awful.”

When our host returned, I was popping another handful into my mouth. I asked, “What kind of nuts are these, Bill?”

He gave me a long stare over the top of his glasses and said dryly, “They’re not nuts, Paula. That’s koi food.”

So, you see what I mean? If you need a good laugh and a break from all the bad stuff going on in the world, read POTLUCK: Little Stories from a Big Table.

I promise you won’t be disappointed. My stories will have you fluctuating between laughing out loud and wiping tears from your eyes. Just punch the title into the search bar at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble … and like magic (well, okay … science), you’ll be able to purchase it.

I hope after you read it you’ll also share your thoughts with me at [email protected]